Photography / Digital painting Courses

The Digital in Art: Creative Techniques with Lightroom and Photoshop

General Objective: Support professionals artists and amateurs in their endevour of creation of aesthetic and artistic images using as tools cameras and computers. 
My process is to start with the creative process right from the beginning although making the student cautious that the route of improving his creative process has many steps. I will be close to the student building his personal path, step by step, to his creation.

Classes: The whole course takes 18 hours distributed usually in sessions of two or three hours at your convenience.

  • These courses are available virtually in all the planet since I teach them remotely from my computer. 
  • All you need is an Internet account with a reasonable speed.  
  • I use remote control software to see your desktop at a distance. I can manage your software remotely as if I where really present there with you.
  • The remote software is very easy and transparent to deal with. Ask  me for a free demonstration.
Languages: Spanish & English
  • Spanish version: I have available at no extra charge a wide variety of videos and text notes in pdf  to review the most important topics discussed in the sessions.
  • English version: I can provide you at no extra charge videos and texts in pdf tailor-made for you to review the most important topics discussed. 
  • Similarly there is ample support in the web where I can point you to supplement classes’s topics.
Introduction to Photography: Basic concepts
  • The Exposure Triangle: Speed, Sensitivity and Aperture.
  • Aperture: Scale.Depth of Field.
  • Sensor Sensitivity: ISO scale.
  • The Speed Scale.
  • The DSLR:Modes. Automatic. Aperture. Speed. Manual 
  • Measuring Exposure: Photometers. Ansel Adam's Technique.
  • Introduction to Composition.
Introduction to Lightroom:
  • Image Management.
  • Editing Process.
  • Creative Process.
  • Connexion with Photoshop.
Introduction to Photoshop
  • The Work Space: Tools, Menus and Palettes.
  • Ambiances: Color Spaces.
  • Basic Editions: Tonal and Chromatic. Sharpening and Smoothing.
  • Two Avenues: Channels and Layers.
  • The Confluence: Adjustment layers.
  • Towards integration with Lightroom: Camera Raw Filters and Smart Layers
  • The Final Product: Printing Services.

Other Courses:

  • Topics in Photoshop
  • Black and White Digital Techniques.
  • Advanced Selection and Masks techniques.
  • Painting.


Ricardo Baez

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